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Letters, numbers, punctuation and even symbols!

There is a maximum amount of digits you can fit on certain size signs. Please see below for more information regarding our digits and capabilities.

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What size digits are available?

Our most popular size digit is 1.3/4" as you can fit more digits on one sign. We do have 2.1/2" and 3.1/8" digits, available on request.

Can you include punctuation in my personalisation?

We can! We have &-!?.#,@' available.

Comma's can only be used on the bottom line if the sign consists of a two line personalisation.

What symbols can I have on a sign?

We currently have a heart and star symbol. These symbols are slightly wider than the average digit, which may alter the amount of digits you can have on a sign. 

The symbols must be in line with the text. Click here to see an example.

Can I have any colour digit?

You can choose any colour that has a gloss finish. We cannot produce matt finish digits due to the texture of the paint.

We also offer Classic Silver as a digit colour.

What is the maximum amount of digits I can fit on a sign?

Our largest sign is a 21 x 6 and this can fit up to 26 digits on it when the personalisation is on two lines. 

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