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Colour Range

Every colour of the rainbow... and more!

Click on our frequently asked questions below for more information about our unique Sheffield-inspired colour range.

Can I have any colour sign?

Our Sheffield-inspired range of 20 colours is unique to us. If you use the sign builder, it'll help you ensure the right combination for you.

How many colours can I have on one sign?

Each of our signs are made using two colours, one for the background and the other for the digit. The digit colour is sprayed first, followed by the background colour before exposing the digit colour underneath.

For more information on how our signs are made, please click here.

How many colours are there to choose from?

We currently have 20 colours in our range. All colours have a gloss finish for a beautiful shine.

  • Wednesday Blue

  • Forge Blue

  • Norton Navy

  • Lynwood Lilac

  • Ey Up Duck Egg

  • Kilner Khaki

  • Sheffield Teal

  • Endcliffe Green

  • Hillside Pink

  • United Red

  • Ee by Plum

  • Hendersons Orange

  • Winter Peach

  • Botanical Beige

  • Yorkshire Yellow

  • Ennis Gold

  • Classic Silver (only available as a digit colour).

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