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How to order - Retail

We have plenty of suppliers around the country that will be happy to help!

As a trade supplier, we don't sell our products directly to the public, but we have plenty of suppliers who do and we're sure they would love to hear from you!

Use our website and social media pages for inspiration, design your own and contact your local supplier to place an order.

How do I find a supplier?

You can find your local supplier by entering your postcode here. 

What do I ask for when ordering a personalised sign?

You will need to design your sign and give the following information to your chosen supplier so they can order it correctly with us.

  • Personalisation - What the sign will read 

  • Size of sign - This may be determined by what the personalisation reads

  • Background colour - Full description, for example Wednesday Blue

  • Digit colour - Full description, for example Arctic White

  • Holes - The amount of holes required, if any

  • Digit size - The size of digit required

  • Quantity - The amount you'd like to order of the personalised design

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