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Love hearts and super stars

Article Published - 12/3/2018

New super cute symbols available to order now. A great addition to our range of digits.

What size are the hearts and stars?

They are slightly wider than your average 1.3/4" digit, so may alter the amount of characters you can have on one sign. The size of the die used to press these symbols is 2" wide, where as your average digit is 1.1/2". The easiest way to account for either a heart or star is classing it as one standard digit and a '1'.

Can they be placed anywhere on the sign?

These symbols must be in line with the text. Please see example images above.

What colours are available?

The same rules apply as usual. Two colours per sign, a digit colour and a background colour.

Do the hearts and stars cost extra?

Not a penny! These symbols are an addition to our letters, numbers and range of punctuation.

How do I place an order?

You can place orders using our easy to use Order Form. Please insert a heart or star symbol to specify these digits.  

Image: I ♥ YOU (12 x 6")  United Red background with Arctic White digits. TWINKLE TWINKLE (21 x 6") Arctic White background with Ennis Gold digits.


If you have any questions, please let us know by calling our Customer Service team on 0114 273 1151.



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